Line of cellular and phyto products for Her

The Swiss cosmeceutical brand Cellcosmet offers more than 40 cellular and phyto products, developed to meet the specific needs of female skin. They are available in 3 distinct groups:
- Cellcosmet’s Cyto-Cosmeceutical group is made up of cellular (cyto) complexes, for highly revitalising treatments that energise and nourish the skin.
- The Phyto-Cosmeceutical group consists of all the Cellcosmet products that include phyto-marine and aromatic complexes in their formulas, for treating wellness skin care.
- The Cyto + Phyto-Cosmeceutical group integrates cyto and phyto-complexes into the formulas of Cellcosmet products in order to produce deeply revitalising treatments, bursting with highly efficient active ingredients. Benefiting from the magnified synergy between the different types of active ingredients, these formulas potentiate the achieved results.

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